Hello! I’m Sylvan Grimm, founder of Now Look Hear See productions. I’m an award winning creator of media content who’s worked in the television and film industry for over ten years. I’m a fun, focused, driven, kind and passionate media creator. I specialize in overseeing large complex technical projects, but I’m equally adept at working with small “run and gun” production crews. I’m skilled as a location sound supervisor, camera operator, and broadcast technical lead at an executive level.


I’m fluent in multiple media styles: short, medium and long form content.  Imagine your project’s content and I will build your vision, on time and on budget. 


I was drawn to film production at an early age, with two gifted independent film makers as uncles. I credit my eccentric uncles as the first film makers to have the vision to hire and cast me in their films as co–star and impromptu production assistant.  Budgets were tight—compensation was in chocolate bars and leftover set props (partially melted GI joes from a stop motion short.) These crazy films and witnessing their inspiration fueled the inner creativity that drew me to media production.


When I’m not busy fearlessly juggling media projects, I enjoy motorcycling, scuba,  producing independent films and hanging out with my wife (a local school teacher) and our two tuxedo cats. We love the flexibility of our “tri-state” lifestyle, and I thrive on the opportunity to work with creative media up and down the West coast.


© 2017 sylvan grimm

Music Credits: Gablé and  Ben Von Wildenhaus